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Staff Takeover

In this week’s staff takeover, our founder Nancy Haaser- Jones shares her story of how My House Ministry came to be. We are so thankful for all the work that she and her family poured into creating this ministry. 

Five years ago, God placed an opportunity in front of my family to help a woman in need move into an apartment to start a new life in Christ.  Did we feel equipped with the skills, finances or time? Absolutely not; but God brought this moving need for us to be obedient.  We all have doors open that God calls us to walk through even when it doesn’t look humanly possible. So this is how the open door affected my family. . .

3 months later, our 15-year-old daughter plants a seed after spotting a house up for sale on the way to church, “Mom you should buy that house so that my friends and I have a place to live when we go to college.”  Although this comment was meant to be a joke, it sparked something in us.  A few weeks later my husband said, “We need to call the realtor to look at buying that house to help women in need!”  We had no financial plans and certainly no experience with the concept of buying a home for others, but we both felt a strong nudge.  We looked at that house and with lots of prayer and others joining in prayer, we wrote an offer.  The details of that house did not work out, unfortunately, but we kept in prayer for God’s will to be done.

Over the next few months, our journey became much more complicated. My mother in law unexpectedly passed away coupled with some other personal/family challenges. Despite all of this, the nudge to find a ministry home did not dissipate and many prayers continued to be lifted.  We began to talk with Godly individuals and local agencies to learn as much as we could to do in preparing our hearts and service for God’s children.

After a lot of deliberation and planning, we decided to sell our personal home in order to have the financial resources to buy a ministry home. We walked through many houses to find a floor plan that would work with housing up to four women, but none of the ones we looked at really seemed to fit. Eventually, God drew us to a home that was ridiculously out of our price range. Because of this we were a little skeptical to even consider the home, but we still went and looked.  To our surprise the home was beautiful with gorgeous woodwork and was a perfect layout!  With so much excitement, we prayed and picked an offer amount that could only been accepted if it was God’s will.  The offer was accepted!

After purchasing the home, we started building the foundation with many to invite God to take over that home.  Hundreds of God’s people helped from replacing the roof with 4 layers of shingles, to replacing all the plumbing and electric, and painting every inch of the walls.  For $800, the entire house of six bedrooms and two bathrooms was completely furnished to make a gorgeous home.  The completion of this remodeled home birthed what is now called My House Ministry.

I remain thankful to God for shaping and molding my heart to love, encourage, and pray for each of the residents.  I stand in awe as he so abundantly provides all the needs of the ministry and brings those to staff and volunteer in so many capacities for now four homes, 17 women and up to 15 children.