In the midst of great trials, there is great pain… at times we do not see the ending in sight… at times we retreat and give up, maybe even going back into the sin in our lives that brought us to the trial in the first place. It is in those temptations that we must stand in the gap for one another in a fight on our knees!  That is what we try to do in My House Ministry!  We desire to be used as the hands and the feet of Jesus to women and children in need.

During our travels, we found ourselves in the midst of a construction zone at the airport. The big signs said, “Under Construction: Please excuse our dust!” We looked further at the wall and saw the picture of a beautifully finished atrium with food courts, updated seating, wifi and charging stations, and many lovely shops.  We also have been doing renovation projects at our ministry home.  Some of the projects were delayed so we had to cancel our plans for an Open House this week.  The dust has been crazy and the residents are growing weary of the project, but in a couple weeks it will be completely done and will be beautiful and usable for many years to come!

My heart began to ponder about how we are all “under construction” in some area of our lives.  We all are in need of the grace from one another of our “dust.”  Are we allowing the Master to do His remodeling work in our lives to kick up some dust so we can be improved and become more usable for His service? Are we esteeming others better than ourselves and giving them grace as we receive God’s amazing grace each day!  Let’s be mindful to pardon each other’s dust and love as He loves…dust and all.  Just think of the masterpiece that will be after He completes the work that He has begun in us for His glory and for His honor! Philippians 1:6

Thank you for your continued support of My House Ministry this past 5 years!  Please buy your tickets for our March 13th Ladles of Love soup, sides, dessert, and silent auction fundraiser to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Patti Weerstra
Executive Director