Volunteers are the heart and soul of My House Ministry. There are many aspects to the ministry that we would not be able to accomplish without our volunteers. Some of our most faithful volunteers are our Bible Study Leaders.

A group of young women bow their heads and pray with bibles.

Each one of our houses has it’s own Bible study each week for the women in the program to attend. This way, they can learn about the Bible without worrying about transportation. We have 5 faithful volunteers for our 4 houses. They are on the front lines, every week leading the residents in greater understanding of Faith.

We wanted to share a bit about each volunteer and why they are passionate about volunteering! Today, we want you to meet Holly!

Holly: Our Tuesday night volunteer. Holly is a honest, passionate and thoughtful leader. She has been a faithful volunteer, despite her busy work schedule and being a single parent. God lead her to My House Ministry after prayer and searching for a way to server her sisters in Christ in the Holland area. Holly said, “you don’t have to go far to do ‘mission work!'”
So, why does she continue to volunteer, despite the large commitment? Holly told us “…there is great reward in being a volunteer! First, it’s knowing the ladies themselves – funny, real, and articulate – they are at MHM because they have hope for the future.”
Holly also reminded us of this beautiful truth, “One must be poured out to be filled. By giving of oneself for Jesus Christ of Nazareth, one in turn is blessed — waaaaay more than what’s given!”

Thanks for your fantastic work in the Ministry, Holly!