Sometimes, our volunteers remind us the beauty, power and increase that teamwork can bring. Our Bible Study Leaders, Carole and Margaret show us just that! Together, they lead the Bible Study on Tuesday mornings, faithfully serving the women every week.


The program residents appreciate Carole and Margaret’s insight of the Word of God. They work together, each week, sharing their insights and stories in order to encourage the women.

Margaret told us, “I enjoy volunteering with the women… because it is awesome to watch the transformations take place with the ladies over the months that we meet in Bible Study. It is a great feeling to be pouring into the community, working with the Ministry. MHM allows second chances of the highest quality, and it is delightful to be a part of it.”

Additionally, Carole added, “I love volunteering with My House Ministry because, through it, I get to be a witness and a participant in the transformation of women’s lives. I am part of a team, with the other volunteers, the Life Skills Coordinators, and staff, pouring into these women’s lives. It is a privilege!”

We love watching the transformation of the women at this Bible Study. Thank you, both, for reaching into the lives of these women!

You can read the “Volunteer Spotlight” that Carole and Margaret are featured in with The Holland Sentinel: