We love when people join our ministry and work through God’s leading and promptings – outside of anything we do. It is so amazing to see how these individuals bring just what the women in our program need.


Jody: Thursday night Bible Study Leader

Jody is one of those people that God brought to us in our need. She came to us in late 2017, seeking how God could use her at My House Ministry. We had a need for a godly Bible Study leader at the time, and we knew that Jody was the answer to our prayers.

Jody wanted to work with the women because “I wanted to share the wonderful teaching which I received and because I think my life experiences can be a benefit to other women.” The women who engage with her tell us that she is always open to share and be vulnerable with them – something they greatly appreciate.

Jan: Monday night Bible study leader

Additionally, Jan is one of our longest-serving volunteers in the ministry. Her heart and passion come out in everything that she does. Jan told us, “As I think about what I enjoy most; it is to sit together as women to walk together through scripture – for that hour we discover the person of Christ and how much he loves us. We claim the hope of seeing that truth play out in the days these women spend with us, to heal and gain independence.”

Jan is beloved by many women in the ministry – both past and present. Her passion is also seen through the work she also does as a Board Member of My House Ministry.

Thank you, both, for all that you do!