You have the opportunity to help turn brokenness into victories. When you support My House Ministry with your finances, time and resources, you change lives for generations to come! So far in 2018, we have had 10 single women and 3 single moms with their kids graduate from the My House Ministry program and move into their own independent housing! Praise God for providing them with a safe, affordable housing option here within the My House Ministry program to bridge the gap from being homeless to becoming independent again! The steps that these women have taken and some of the obstacles that they have had to navigate with childcare, past debt, felony records, low income, and discouragement were overcome through the guidance and perseverance taught through the ministry staff! We were challenged by a graduate to encourage and empower the women who we serve to not use this as a place to live… but rather a place to start living! We need your ongoing monthly financial support to continue providing staff to walk with the ladies to have this life giving transformation!