At My House Ministry, we know that you want to be a strong and successful woman. In order to do this, you need self-worth, hope, healing and a fresh start.
The problem is, you’re facing chaos at all levels and this makes you question if you have the strength or self worth to make the change.

We understand.

Safe, stable, and affordable housing is just one component of our program.
We also provide mentoring, support and accountability which will help you prepare for
independent living when you graduate from our program.

This is a journey and we are here to walk along side you.


Please consider the below criteria standards. The My House Ministry program works for women who are ready and willing to work with the program. If you are not ready, we will be prayful that you find another program.

• Must be 18 years or older
• Must be currently employed or have consistent monthly income
• Must be willing to participate fully in My House Ministry program
• Must be drug and alcohol free. All prescription drugs will be secured and distributed by Life Skills Coordinators. Drug screens will be conducted at random.

Other Considerations
1. Children
MHM accepts applicants with children.
Girls (ages 0-18), Boys (ages 0-10)
2. Childcare
Childcare must be organized by the applicant prior to acceptance into the program.
3. Relationships
Romantic relationships are not permitted in the MHM program for the safety of other residents, as well as, the beneficial outcome of the applicant.

1. Apply

Complete an application form for yourself or someone you know.

2. Meet

We conduct a one-on-one interview with each prospective resident to discuss the program.

3. Start Living

After moving in, we help each women develop a goal specific program that includes job training, budgeting, locating independent housing, and spiritual growth.

Apply TODAY!